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The Irish Concussion Research Centre (ICRC)

The Irish Concussion Research Centre

There has been a strong tradition of research in GMIT since its establishment, characterised by high quality research in a small number of niche areas. Initially this was mainly manifested through the endeavours of individual staff members doing their own research, publishing and coming together in small research families. This has developed throughout the years and has facilitated the development of GMIT’s School of Sciences most recent research centre; the ‘Irish Concussion Research Centre (ICRC)’.

The staff and research students at the ICRC are working to:

  • Develop education and awareness programmes which offer a more comprehensive understanding of concussion, mTBI and CTE
  • Deliver concussion management and recovery methodologies (e.g. neuroscience and nutritional therapies) by examining concussion risk reduction measures across sports
  • Influence participants in sport at all levels, from amateur to elite, and those who manage sports activity, such as coaches, medics, parents, and administrators

A priority area for the ICRC is developing concussion management and education strategies.

These strategies will enhance the treatment of each individual who experiences a concussion through sport or recreational activity.

The key personnel have a wealth of expertise in a range of health and sports science disciplines and pedagogical approaches relevant to the development of the outputs produced in this project; informing and providing education and training to those involved in the Health and Sport sectors.