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Club or Sports Association

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The role of a Club or Sports Association

If a concussion is suspected all stakeholders should know how to recognise and respond.

Provide guidelines and policies

Clubs and associations play an important role in fostering a positive culture around concussion and in encouraging communication in their sport.

Sports with high risk of concussion often have policies and guidelines from their international organisation on concussion management. Make sure that these are available for club, coaches, athletes, parents etc.

Provide education

Many clubs are small in numbers and most coaches are volunteers. These clubs do not have the resources to provide education or informational material for their coaches and members.

It can be helpful to provide regular education for club members and an open coach forum for support, e.g. collaboration with local/regional clubs. A “go to” person for coaches, athletes, parents could be beneficial.

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The Role of the Club or Sports Association Infographic
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The Role of the Club or Sports Association

Provide guidelines and policies

Provide education for clubs, coaches, athletes and parents

Provide information materials

Promote good sporting and concussion environment and culture