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What to expect after concussion

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It is completely normal for an athlete to take 2-4 weeks to return to play.

Previously to normal return-to-play time was set at 14 days, meaning that 50% of athletes recovered in that time. 

New research suggests that 28 days is more likely to encapsulate the recovery process. At that point, 85% of athletes have returned to play. 

The recognition of the longer recovery time might help eliminate expectations and social pressure from the athlete him/herself, teammates, coaches and parents, who want the athlete to return to play.

There is no absolute safe time and there are no tests that can help decide when an athlete is ready to return to sport – it relies on clinical experience and judgement.

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How to Make Yourself Feel Better After Concussion Infographic
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How to Make Yourself Feel Better After Concussion

Speak Up

Tell people around you if you do not feel right.

Cut Screentime

Cutting your screentime down to around 2 hours a day speeds up the rate at which your symptoms settle.

Exercise Gently

Walking, swimming or cycling should be good for you. Take short breaks.

Return to Sport Gradually

Don’t be too surprised if your symptoms come back. Always tell the truth, eg. ‘every time I do the squats my headache comes back’

Be Patient

Getting back on the team for the game on Saturday may be the only thing on your mind at the moment, but your brain may have other ideas – and your brain actually knows what is best for your health.

Stay Positive

You Will Get Better